“He who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else” Johnson said. Back in 1999 Terrasolis began its journey in the world of ecommerce with the aim of bringing the quality and taste of Campania typical products to each table.

Reliability and safety about the origin of our products are at the basis of our job, we have been among the first in Italy to develop an online sale for Campania typical products and over the years our catalogue has been enriched and expanded to the whole Italian peninsula.

Among the flagships, for which Terrasolis has become a reference point, there is the sale of Buffalo Mozzarella, Gragnano Pasta and San Marzano PDO tomato.

In 2018 we continue with renewed passion to give our customers the opportunity to buy and taste our artisanal tomato preserves, rigorously stored in glass, in addition to a selection of the best artisanal bronze-die Pasta and fresh products.